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Brief summary: Although 9A91-S does not belong to top series weapon, but the in some way still is worth commend.



7管:按一下水管喷嘴可变更水管喷嘴的位置。 Ke Zongcai has partial young associate to have blind faith in “ sheet to take out miraculous ” for certain, hold to many a gone and lucky money, refute a rumor here today, no matter sheet is smoked,still be 10 connecting probability is same, 10 also be equivalent to sheet be being smoked 10 times repeatedly, should take out what or take out what ……------------------------------------------------“ holds to even if of put up with of triumphal ” lottery is to send fetch each by skill, after all luck also is a kind of actual strength, stalk or branch always such faces are answered blackly answering is gold coin or experience is possible also, but this plants probability to the thing is accumulated as unsuccessful frequency namely and be added gradually tall, want authority only accumulate over a long period uses lucky money everyday, taking out orange also will be can be expected soon.





Comment player shares: There is a player to share in the comment in the article, it is OK to lay the person that does not use a spider direct the door of the house is opened all round silver fox, go in house of top left corner, press shoe (best SamSung) walk along table lower part to plan labor force (80~90 sends poisonous Mu Jian or 50 hair burn Mu Jian) , much belt dot is irrespective, go again after attack (need not use by shoe) , it is OK to repeat so.




按石凳,老师来了就会弄湿,我们就度过难关。“ blatant ” is Mack"s whole world, and in that world, should not put in other thing originally, for instance kill.






Give a man student the remote controller again finally, the schoolboy can jump again turn to play football.


What I can be smoked quite is legal, he can be used 6 times, can replace mercenary completely, mercenary 2 big negative Debuff, favorite can be replaced completely, besides seat increase between the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am 30% , mercenary uses the cooling time of steely elbow support to reduce 2 seconds, do not sneak away more every time 2 seconds just, combining my idea, give teammate 12 seconds time more.